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Fulfillment Series

Hi, All!

Today, I just wanted to pop in and share some info about a giveaway that’s happening right now. If #Gods, #Angels & #Demons battling for human salvation is your cup ‘o tea, you gotta enter this contest to try to win THE FULFILLMENT SERIES BOX SET by author Vicki-Ann Bush. Follow the link for contest info 🙂

If you’re wanting more information about the books, check out the blurbs below.


Luke Jacob was a typical teenager, who enjoyed all the amenities of being the star quarterback on his high school football team and the local hero. Living in the small town of Boulder City Nevada, life was predictable and comfortable. With graduation soon approaching, his life was on a carefully planned road.

Until he spots a mysterious and beautiful girl in the crowd at one of his games—Mary.

Their lives intertwine and a bond of inseparable love is forged. Discovering a life changing secret that is revealed to them by their parents. It is then, that everything Luke thought about his family, friends and neighbors is shattered. Unearthing a truth that is older than time and greater than anything he could ever imagine.


Procurement is a paranormal romance. It is a classic story of the timeless battle between heaven and hell with earth at the core of the conflict.

In the second book of The Fulfillment series, Procurement continues the journey of Luke and Mary who are now on the run and in hiding. With the help of Lilith and the secret society The Guardians, they are lead on a journey to the archangel Michael. There they will learn the plan to defeat Lucifer’s soldiers and stop the ultimate evil from claiming earth.


In this final book of The Fulfillment series, Luke and Mary must forge the plan laid out by Archangel Michael to defeat Lucifer and send him back to hell for eternity. With the help of his newly acquired powers, Luke must lead his friends and fellow angels into battle and set the events in motion so that Mary can face the most powerful evil of all—the devil himself.

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