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Week #1: My Favorite Thing I’ve Written

Week #1 in the 52 Week Blog Challenge tackles something I think every writer would have a hard time answering: What’s our most favorite thing we’ve ever written?

I know, right? Impossible. Becasue everything I’ve written, I’ve learned from. And everything I’ve written takes a little bit of space in my heart. And since I’ve been at this writing thing for a few years now (okay, more than a few), there’s quite a few things taking up space. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my “scorecard” is getting pretty long. To date I’ve written SIX novels (over 60K), THREE novellas (over 20K), TWO short stories (under 20K), and FIVE screenplays.

When I step back and really think about this, never (and I mean NEVER) did I imagine that I’d have this many credits to my name. Like EVER. But that’s one of the things I love most about writing. Once you start, if you keep at it, sooner or later, you’ll have a finished product.

So, what’s my favorite? OMG, that’s so hard, but right now, I am absolutely in love with a teleplay I’ve written based on Vicki-Ann Bush’s YA series THE DUSK CHRONICLES. I love how I’m able to take an authors words and create a work that is directly translatable to another medium. It was super challenging to think about how to approach the project, how one scene could fade to the next, and how to blend just enough information with action and dialogue.

I’m not sure if it’ll ever go anywhere else other than my Final Draft files and a few contests, but who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get a phone call from Netflix….

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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