• SC Alban

The Work-Life (im)Balance


I am not a full-time author. Goodness knows I wish I was, but I’m not there—yet. One day, I know I’ll be able to devote my days to writing, but until then, I keep a day job. And, a family. And, animals. Basically, I’m just your average person making her way through life… with a suitcase full of gigantic dreams and aspirations.

Finding the work-life balance and trying to make it as an author is tricky. I’ve had to learn when to push myself and when to back off. More often than not, I push too hard. And, end up a bit fried. My scale goes all wonky and heavy on the work side.

Then, there are the times when I give myself a break for a day…which can easily turn into three…or, if I’m being honest, twenty. I fall into the ease of life, catching up on my Netflix, vegging on my latest show, seeing every movie I’ve wanted to watch over the past year. My scale tipped far to the other side.

I know that if I’m gonna make it (as an author and a human) I’m gonna have to figure out a healthy work-life balance. Good thing I’ve got lots of opportunities to practice. And, when it’s time for me to retire my “day job,” I’ll be ready for full time authoring and full time living.

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