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The Power of Positivity


As I work steadily on the release of Barely Living Alive, I often find myself wondering what would it be like to live my characters’ lives. I mean, take Kate, for example. This woman has pretty much been through it all and felt every emotion there is to feel.

And, it hasn’t been pretty.

She has tried to follow her heart, and it has basically just been one massive failure. Tragedy after tragedy. She has been unable to reach any goal and has, quite frankly, disappointed herself on more than one level. You’d think that she’d just give up by now. Throw in the towel and call it a day.

But, yet somehow, she manages to keep it all together. Okay, that’s somewhat questionable, but still, she can make it through each day. For all her faults and the total mess that is her life, that’s one thing that I totally respect about her; her ability to open her eyes each morning and keep going. Just one foot in front of the other. Until the day is finished. Sleep. Repeat.

It’s perseverance, for sure. But, it’s also more. Kate has this inexplicable ability to do what needs to be done, no questions asked. A bit of foolishness maybe? But, mostly dedication. Dedication to her beliefs. And, its not always easy (believe me), but it sure is effective in getting stuff taken care of.

It also reveals her ability to believe that good things will happen, a positivity that may not be so recognizable in the first book. But, it’s there. Kate maintains a willing belief that everything will work out in the end, and holds onto that hope to keep her going.

As you know, Barely Living Alive is the second book in The Strega Series. In this installment, Kate is after Alessandro. She will stop at nothing to find him and make him pay for what he has done to her and Gio the past four centuries.

I’m pretty sure that Kate is strong enough to keep that focused mindset, that positive outlook needed to defeat Alessandro because, let’s face it, that guy is one evil dude. But, Kate has one thing that Alessandro has never had. Confidence. That, and just the sheer belief that the Goddess will see to it that everything will work out.

I sure hope she’s right.

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