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The Importance of Being Persistent


Well, it’s my second blog post in two weeks and I’m feeling pretty good about it. After all, so far so good… right?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, last week I discussed a bit about my #BlogWoes. The big take away? I’m horridly inconsistent with posting, and struggle to keep it up. So, two weeks is good for me 🙂

Back to present. Week Two. Yay!

To keep things moving along, this week I’m going to talk a little about persistence and how important it is when writing a novel.

I’m sure we can all agree that sticking things through is important in pretty much all areas of life. But, when your a writer (trying to become a published author), persistence takes on a whole new meaning.

First, you must be persistent enough to complete a rough draft of a manuscript. And that’s something that could take a long time. Like a REALLY long time. Some writers never finish that manuscript, but sooner or later, most of us who keep that flame alive, will complete a draft of a novel. Keeping your mind attentive and goal-driven really helps at this level.

But, once you’ve completed the rough draft, it’s time to turn your persistence to the task of revising. And revising. And revising some more. And when you’re done revising, you’ll revise some more. This is where many writing drop off. Why? Well, it’s hard to finally complete something you think is great, and then realize that it needs loads of work. The task is daunting and scary and seems like a HUGE time commitment because, well, it is. This part of the process could take the longest and will not reach an end without a writer’s persistent spirit.

Then, there’s the querying. If at any point in this process a writer feels like giving up, throwing in the towel, questioning it all and damning their manuscript to the depths of fiery hell, my bet it’s during this stage in the game. Rejection is not an easy thing to handle. And, most likely, there will be many of them. Not always, but in most cases. Keeping a clear mind, staying focused on your goal, and never giving up are the key to getting through this level… which could take years (I’m not kidding. Literally. Years).

However, if you are lucky to snag the attention of an agent, then congrats! But, keep your persistence sharp because they may want it as is, or they may want you to make changes. Which means…

More revising.  And, once they have your book, your gem, and are able to sell it to a publisher, guess what? There’s still a whole lot of editing and rewrites and changes that will be made to your book because the publisher may have their own ideas about it.

So, just keep on keeping’ on, find your focus, maintain a persistent attitude, and hopefully, your manuscript will find a home.

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