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Thanksgiving Thoughts

As an author, I am always grateful that a publisher believed my work was good enough to take a chance on. In an industry that is quite competitive and very difficult to break into, it is actually quite a miracle I was able to turn heads at all.

You see, I am still a newbie at all this. And by “new,” I mean, I’m pretty much still in the package, just chillin’. You can find me in a few stores, but really, I have not yet arrived. Readers are still browsing the shelves for all of their favorites, and I’m not quite there… yet. My learning curve has not quite curved. But when it does… hold on.

And that’s what makes this November so different than the Novembers of past years. I am in a wonderful position to make my novels, my words, known. I am so grateful to have the chance to share my work with the world. I can’t believe that not even a year has gone by, and I have reached fans across the world with my stories. My words have travelled across seas!

That’s crazy!

So, this November, as Thanksgiving approaches, I am overloaded with amazing things to be grateful for. Every year, I am able to be grateful for my family, my friends, my health- all the fundamental tools I need to build my life and live happily. But this year, I will be adding readers, fans, editors, glowing reviews, criticism (yes, that, too!), book clubs, author signings, and book talks to my list.

And that, right there, is truly amazing.


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