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Tales from the Tarot


Many people who read my books and who I have the pleasure of chatting with know that magic and the metaphysical are a big part of my life. Well, recently I have been asked by a reader what my favorite tarot deck to use is.

First of all, let me say that I am, by no means, proficient in the art of tarot divination. I dabble… a bit. But mostly, I still consider myself a beginning student of the deck. There is loads of room for improvement on my end.

However, with that said, there is one deck that I am continually drawn to over and over again. And even when given other choices, I go back to the same one.

What’s the deck? you ask.

Well, though there are several hundred beautiful and amazing decks to read, it’s the basic Rider Waite Deck that I always go back to. There’s just something about the imagery depicted on these cards that draw me in.

Now, I could go on to tell you what it is specifically about these cards that I like in detail, but just about three minutes ago (while typing this post!) I heard something being knocked over on my nightstand and land onto the carpet.

I glanced over to where the commotion was and briefly saw my cat scat out of my room- his white and gray fur a blur as he bolted down the hall. Walking over to see what chaos he had inflicted upon my belongings (again!), my mouth dropped as I saw what it was. On the floor were my tarot cards!

I know. It’s crazy, right? But I swear, I am not kidding. The cat had knocked them over as I was typing this post! Now that is weird. Especially since I always put them away when I am finished, but for some reason, last night I didn’t.

Bending down to pick them up, I noticed how they had all landed face down on the rug. All, that is, except one.

The VI of Pentacles.



Now, I may have a beginning working knowledge, but I like to think of the VI of Pentacles as the sharing card. It is a card of give and take. It can deal with needs and a turnover of talents. Basically, the card implies that when a talent is put to good use, when it is shared in the way that it is intended, then those who possess the talent and those who enjoy it can have equal advantages.

How fortuitous that it was that card (in the whole deck!) that happened to be face up when I picked them up! Or perhaps it is not fortuitous at all. Perhaps, it is a sign that there are no accidents. Maybe it was a message telling me to stay my course, to keep traveling down my road, to keep sharing my talents and bring enjoyment to those who look for them. I suppose it could go either way, it just depends on what you believe.

In any case, I think I’ll stick with the deck 🙂

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