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Something about this Book

Lately, I’ve been a bit on a reading binge. In fact, it seems like I’m doing more reading these days than writing…. which I feel is something that writers need every now and then.

And, honestly, I’ve been reading some really great stories. Man, there is just so much to choose from! However, there is one book that I’m just kind of flipping out over. It’s called Something in the Water by Ben Starling, and I have to say that it was fantastic.

Maybe I just read it at the right time in my life. You know, that moment when your ideals and ethics and experiences converge with your reading material and it just kind of feels like the book was written for you.

It was kind of like when pre-teen me read Little Women and I just knew that it was written for me, with the complex sister relationships and the many struggles of living a life that is true to you. Or when sixteen year old me read Catcher in the Rye and I knew that no one could connect with a book more than I had because well, f*#! the adult world and the artificiality it represents. Or when twenty-nine year old me read Desert of the Heart and… well, maybe that’s for another post. But, my point is that there’s just something about reading a book at the right time in your life that makes it that much more…. more.

And, that is what happened with this book. Below you’ll find the link and my review. So, if your interested, I definitely recommend it.


My Review:

Something in the Water is a beautifully crafted romance with a message. This is my first novel by Mr. Starling and I was pleasantly surprised by how willing I was to fall into his story. Teal Douglas is a hard working, up and coming journalist who is trying to prove her worth and become part of the investigative team. Her co-workers are convinced that she is a shoe-in for a prestigious company award, but when she is passed over, she questions her purpose. It doesn’t help that her boyfriend, Bear, believes her propose is to be focused on him and dismisses her importance.

When she is offered a fluff assignment on a VIP located on an island in the Pacific, Teal is not sure she will accept. However, with the guidance of her supervisor and her deceased grandmother (via letters she left behind), Teal and Bear head off on a three week excursion that she hopes will help get her career and get her love life back on track. Upon arrival, Teal and Bear meet a variety of characters that all play a role in the story. When questions about the integrity of the VIP arise, and the connection between her and Bear deteriorates, Teal is forced to make choices that show her true character. With the help of the handsome marine biologist, Perry, Teal finds herself closer to the answered to her questions. Intrigue, mystery, romance and action flow through the pages (one never trumping the other) euqally, and make for dynamic character interaction.

What I found extremely fascinating about this story was how Mr. Starling was able to weave his passion and knowledge for the environment throughout the novel. Yes, this is a love story. Yes, it is a story of a woman who finds herself and what it means love and to be loved. But, this is no simple romance. Starling clearly has a passion for environmental conservation and as a reader you can feel the urgency of it as his words bleed off the pages, touching the reader. The message that the delicate balance of the Earth’s systems lie in the fate of the oceans, and is it our responsibility to make sure that the scales are not tipped cannot go unnoticed.

As far as the writing? Well, Starling clearly has a strong command of the written word. His use of dialogue is easy and natural. The action and romance are paced evenly throughout. His ability to extract emotion is proficient (yes, I did cry).

My favorite line? Well, there two that stand out (I admit, I’m a hopeless romantic):

1) “Little by little, I could feel myself letting go, as minutes became hours, as the morning wandered into afternoon and as the courage to dream replaced years of emptiness.” (that sentence, right there, has like 50 different emotions and could be valid in any context)

2) “He tasted of fire and water. Of eternity.” (*sigh*)

Okay, so what’s my bottom line. Just that, I loved this book and I’m looking forward to reading more from Mr. Starling. Oh, and I wish it was available in paperback.

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