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#PitchWars, An Exercise in Patience


So… this week, I decided that I was going to take the plunge and submit to #PitchWars. For those of you who don’t know, #PitchWars is the brain child of author Brenda Drake to pair up published/agented authors (mentors) with newer/emerging writers (mentees).

For more information about #PitchWars click here 🙂

Last year, I watched with interest at the #PitchWars Twitter feed and marveled at the excitement, the buzz, and the fun that everyone involved seemed to be having. Okay, so now I see how that was a little bit stalkerish, but I’ve always kind of been on the peripheral.

However, this year, I decided that I was going to just jump right in and throw myself out there. I submitted on the first day with PLAYING CUPID, my first completed YA novel. It’s definitely outside my comfort zone to put my work out there, but I figure that it’s time to take it to the next level.

By the way, I’m totally freaked out! There is so much competition, and every entry is deserving. And, of course, the minute I submitted, I found like twenty things I wanted to change in my query alone. Darn you, self-doubt.

But, the hardest part of #PitchWars is the waiting. Waiting for the submissions to close. Waiting to hear if one of your chosen potential mentor wants to read more of your pages. Waiting to hear the results. Waiting, waiting, waiting to see if you have been picked. You really have to bust out your patience muscles to make it through.

Literary agent, Jennifer March Soloway once said that it is important to remember that a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean no. It means not yet. 

I make it a point to remember that everyday.

Plus, the people I’ve met through the contest have been pretty darn cool. I now have a growing network of colleagues that are supportive in this shared experience of beautiful torture. So in a way, even if I don’t get chosen, I’ve already won. Maybe not the way I hoped, but still a valuable prize.

I really hope that I’m picked.  But, if I’m not, I know that it is because it wasn’t my time… my not yet, and not a reflection on my writing. There is a reason for everything, and as a writer, I will make it through whatever is in front of me and figure out the next steps to make PLAYING CUPID even more awesome.

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