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New Adventures Ahead!


I know I’ve been quiet for many, many weeks, but I’ve been going through some pretty big life changes. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, we’ve just made a BIG move. My partner & I decided to move our family to a different state.

Why the big move? Well, essentially, my partner & family were cool with uprooting our entire life so we could be in a better financial place to allow me to follow my dream & write full time.

Excuse me, I have to breakdown now.


Ahem, much better. There’s been a lot of that since the big move.

Anyway, over the past year, many conversations occurred where we tried to figure out different ways to give me more time to write. You see, I was working a full-time job, being a full-time mom, with a full-time partner, and squeezing in bits and pieces of writing whenever I found time. Which was usually when I should’ve been sleeping.

It was taking a toll on me. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. How could it not? But I couldn’t stop. I love to write. I love to create. I love the industry. But, Supergirl, I’m not, and sometime around Halloween last year, I finally made an announcement to my family that I was going to take a break from writing. I couldn’t keep up.

And then, the Universe shouted “Hell, no!” and I got offered a contract. My biggest one yet. From a company I’d been dreaming about. I agonized on what to do. After all, I had just announced I was taking a break. And that’s when my partner stepped up and told me maybe we needed to think a bit further outside the box.

Hence, the move.

Guys, she told me she believed in me, she believed in my writing, and wanted to be able to help me reach my goals. She wanted to invest in me. My heart did an entire gymnastics floor routine as she suggested we consider moving out of state. And, the family was on board.

But . . . could we make a move that big? My entire life was in California.

And then, she did it. She made it real. She got a job in an area that would allow us to have space to live on one income and give me the chance to make this whole writing gig a profession.


We decided to go for it and, it was like the Universe was waiting for me to concede. Our house sold, in record time. We found a house in a new area, also in record time. We packed and moved and are moving in and it’s been a whirlwind and honestly . . . 

 Do I even deserve this? Do I even deserve her? My family?

They believe that I’ll come out on top. They tell me I’ll succeed. It’s not even a doubt in their mind. 

Now it’s my job to deliver. And deliver I will.

How can I not? As I type this, the lamp light in my den sets the perfect mood for writing. OMG. I cannot believe I have my own den to write. To create. To work hard & follow my passion . . . Uh oh, here I go again. 

#gratitude #appreciative

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