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My Favorite Book for Children

This past week, I was asked to read a book to a 2nd grade class at a local elementary school. Although I felt privileged on having the opportunity, I was a little anxious about doing it because I wasn’t asked to read just any book, I had to pick the book. My favorite book, to be specific.

How in the heck was I going to do that?

For any one who knows me, books, especially picture books, have always been a passion of mine. My favorites are those with delicate and detailed words that drip from your tongue like honey, float through the air like a whisper and a song, and are accompanied by intricate pen/ink drawings with a whimsical flair, such as Strega Nona or Where the Wild Things Are.

I love sweet stories that capture the imagination within the realm of reality. Stories that use some sort of fantastical element to teach a moral or ethical lesson are also on my “must haves.”

I was a Literature major at university. I have several courses in Children’s and Young Adult literature under my belt. I also hold a couple teaching credentials, and a graduate degree with an emphasis on literacy. Reading is very important to me.

Books are my life.

So, as you can imagine, choosing just one was quite impossible. But, one book was all I could read, so I began the laborious task of whittling down my extraordinarily long list. I thought long and hard about what my all time favorite children’s book was and after an arduous process with much discussion (with myself), I was able to quite easily come to a conclusion.

My favorite children’s book is………..

(insert drumroll and trumpet fanfare here)

The Fully Belly Bowl by Jim Aylesworth, Illustrated by Wendy Emerson Halperin


If you are a fan of childrens’ books, then I am sure that you have read this one, it is a staple among collections. However, if you have not yet had the pleasure, I want to assure you that this book is where it’s at. The story is beautifully written, the artwork is phenomenal, and the moral will touch school-aged children at all levels.

The children I read to were fully engaged in the story, they were clamoring to see the details of the illustrations, and the lesson led to a lively and fun discussion about the difference between being grateful and how easy it is to become too greedy.

It was such a wonderful experience that I was truly sad when it was over. However, I am very thankful that I was able to expose them to one of my favorites and in the process, reconnected with several more books that I have not read in a long, long time.


s.c. alban

P.S. I always welcome suggestions for picture books, both old favorites and new finds. Please leave a comment with the title of your favorite children’s picture book 🙂

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