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La Festa di Cornucopia


La Festa di Cornucopia welcomes in the harvest.

Last week was a pretty busy week… if you’re a Strega.

La Festa di Cornucopia, or Cornucopia for short, is the seventh festival of the seasons in the Italian Treguenda, Wheel of the Year. Celebrated as a time of plenty and of a ripe harvest, the mythos tells us that Cornucopia is a time when the God is preparing to give of Himself for the continuation of the world. Last year, there was a blue moon on the evening of the festival. The significance that a blue moon fell on this sacred festival was a testament to Ops, the wife of Saturn and goddess of fertility, creativity, and earthly energies. If there were ever a time to perform a ritual or dedication, it couldn’t fall on a more perfect night.

This year, there was no blue moon, but La Festa di Cornucopia was still an amazing time. Known in other pagan cultures as Lughnasadgh, July 31st/August 1, is celebrated as a festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. Also referred to as Lammas, this festival is a recognition that the summer days are coming to a close and spring fruits are getting ready to drop seeds for future crops.

Though Stregheria around the world take the festivals of the seasons pretty seriously (as an Italian I can attest to the seriousness of rituals), there is sure to be plenty of merriment to go with it. After all, the Wheel of the Year is coming to a close. Soon, we will all be blessed with another year and the beautiful cycle will begin anew.

For more information about Italian Stregheria, check out the writings and teachings of Raven Grimassi.

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