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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017 celebration fireworks background

Let’s Rock 2017 Together!

I am so excited to welcome in the New Year with all of you! Though 2016 came with its fair share of ups and downs, I was able to see the release of my second novel, Barely Living Alive! And, already I am blown away by the positive feedback I’ve been receiving!

Barely Living Alive is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and print versions. For more information on this thrilling second installment in The Strega Series, click here.

On December 31st, like many of you, I said “Hello!” to 2017. I found myself ready for change and excitement, and if this year’s horoscope predictions are any indicator… well, look out, cause change is on the horizon for me! This year, I’m putting my head down and getting to work because there are too many projects I am working on that need a little bit of TLC. I’m looking forward to completing them so that I may share them with you!

**Spoiler alert**  I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone. So… keep your eyes open as I dip my toes into the YA genre this year! Yep, that’s right, this adult author is spreading her wings.

I hope that you’ll be excited by what I will be bringing to the table this year,  but whatever this year brings, I hope that y’all are happy, safe, and doing everything you need to be doing to make it a tremendous year for you. And I promise that I’ll be doing the same over in my witchy neck of the woods!

Cheers, lovelies!

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