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Book Review: THE EDITOR by Luke Carroll


Early on in this book’s journey, I was a fan. I absolutely fell for the premise…like in a head first, never look back, kind of way. The version I read was early in it’s development, but even then I could tell this book would be something special. When I heard THE EDITOR was picked up by Ant Colony Press, I was so excited to read the final published version. And, boy, it didn’t disappoint.

Luke Carroll’s THE EDITOR follows the story of washed-up author, Lincoln Larkin, who’s villainous characters are somehow jumping the pages of his latest novels and wreaking havoc in his city. His solution? Write in the perfect bourbon-drinking antihero to save the day.

Carroll’s characters are multi-dimensional, the dialogue is witty and quick, the pacing is set to page-turner, and yes, there are laughs.

I give this book 5 Stars. But don’t take my word for it, check out this sample (Buy links down below):


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