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Book Review: A Sibling’s Dilemma​

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This week I’m reviewing A SIBLING’S DILEMMA, the debut novel of contemporary romance author, Molly V. Lovell. A SIBLING’S DILEMMA releases August 25, 2017.

Book Blurb

Edric Kensington promised himself he would never be close to anyone outside of his family. Ellie Kent promised herself she would always do what she thought was right no matter what. Cassie Kent promised herself she would never date a married man. But, sometimes promises are broken. Feelings get hurt. Friendships collapse and standards slip. And, sometimes people overcome their flaws and find love.

Brief Synopsis

A SIBLING’S DILEMMA is a contemporary romance novel revolving around two sisters: Cassie and Ellie Kent. Private detective Cassie Kent has been recently hired by womanizer and CEO, Charlie Logan. Logan’s company specializes in virtual reality games and is losing ground to his greatest professional rival, Edric Kensington, billionaire and CEO of the Kensington Corporation.

Concerned the Kensington Corp. is stealing software from him, Charlie hires Cassie to infiltrate Edric’s company. But finding the answers to her questions proves harder than she thought. Edric, who is exceedingly handsome, is known for being cold and aloof and keeps everyone at arm’s length. Knowing she will never find out his secrets, Cassie gets her recently graduated sister, Ellie, a job as Edric’s assistant.

At first, Ellie is intimidated by Edric. But, over time, Ellie’s sweet nature begins to breakdown Edric’s walls and the two develop romantic feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Cassie’s affair with Charlie Logan begins to spiral out of control, and she finds herself doing things she’d never thought she’d do.

The two sisters find themselves at odds with the other’s intentions and become torn between their loyalty to each other and their feelings for the handsome CEOs who have stolen their hearts.


I give this book a four (out of five) star rating. This is a unique twist on a popular trope. I like how the book focuses on the relationship between the sisters. I would have loved to see more evolution of the romance between Ellie and Edric on a deeper emotional level. And, I would have loved to have gotten a more developed story in regards to Cassie and Ellie as children. However, the story is paced nicely and everything fits together. Lovell makes the dialogue believable. She does a great job with description and integrated a great cast of supporting characters. It’s a great book for the beach or a Saturday afternoon. Overall, a good showing for Lovell.


On a personal note, I gave this book 4 stars instead of five because I would have preferred to see the novel end with an Ellie and Edric scene. Cassie’s poor choices throughout the book left me feeling bitter towards her, and even though she did amend for her behavior, I still didn’t forgive her. So, when the book ended with a Cassie scene, I was a bit disgruntled.  I want to make clear that this is my TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE opinion and does not detract from the story at all.

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Molly V. Lovell

Author Bio

Molly V. Lovell is a law student at William and Mary by day, novelist by night. Her hobbies include writing (obviously), painting, looking at cute puppies, and reading books about political theory, a subject that Molly has a Master’s Degree in. Molly was born and raised in Amesbury, Massachusetts, by her two amazing parents and she now lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, with her loving husband.

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