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An Author’s Success


I found the greatest infographic a writer could ever find.

I know, bold statement.

But it’s true. Basically, it breaks down the careers of famous authors. You can see their age which they released their debut, when their “breakout novel” happened, and when they died (if they are deceased).

This little infographic I just happened to stumble upon when conducting some research (okay, I was procrastinating) is probably the most interesting thing I’ve come across on the internet in a while. Sorry baby goats in pajamas, you’ll always have my heart, but this was so much more.  So much so that the sun shone down upon me and I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing when I clicked the link. Because you see, it showed me that an authors path is wide and varied.

Which I knew…. but now I can see it, and the belief I am on the right track has been reinforced.

There is a lot of rejection in this business. Especially for little- or un- knowns. And, in my experience authors can be, at times, quite the neurotic bunch. We can be hot and cold. A mushy mess of extroverted introverts. And, self-doubt? Ummmm, at least two or three times  day hour. We are THE NEXT BIG THING or the worst writer in the world. We are professionals that know both everything and nothing at the same time and are always trying to perfect an imperfectible craft. Because the truth is even if your work is solid mechanically and meets all industry standards, there’s no guarantee it will be well received.

We thrive on it.

We’re destroyed by it.

But now, whenever I’m having a moment of duality, I can pop on over to this handy infographic and remind myself of some key points.

1) Even the most successful in the field weren’t “successful” immediately.

2) Some have to wait longer than others.

3) There is no set trajectory for this kind of work.

4) I just need to do what I do and stay focused.



Write some more.

Improve some more.

And know that everything else will fall into place when the time is right.

To check out this cool infographic click below:

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