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Storyteller at Heart

I've always been in love with stories. As the eldest of three girls, my days were often spent playing make-believe, creating plays, and telling scary stories to my two younger sisters. By the time I hit middle school, I knew I wanted to be a novelist. 


After graduating from university, where I majored in English literature, I tried my hand at various teaching positions, but ultimately found I couldn't silence the book inside me.

In 2010, I decided I had waited long enough. I drafted my first novel, A Life Without Living, and jumped right into the industry. And honestly, I love it so much, I've never looked back.

I currently reside in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with my family, two (aloof) cats, and three (terribly) lazy guard dogs. These days you're mostly likely to find me either kayaking along one of the gorgeous rivers near my home, snarfing down nachos, or loitering in front of the local donut counter.


A story about a bisexual teen looking for love, but can't seem to do anything right. At least, not until she saves a leprechaun from certain death and is given the Midas touch. 

Image by Dustin Humes

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."

Ernest Hemingway



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